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Hi all,
Just joined and said hello in introductions.

I've just purchased a Steyr LG110 HFT Hunting.
With it Simon popped in a moderator UNF adapter, but there is a problem.
Because all the new UK imports Harry is bringing in are now to have the quick fill attached, the muzzle on mine is 12.5mm back from the end of cylinder, so the supplied adapter is too short.
I spoke to Simon and he was unaware of this, as were Best Fittings and Rowan Engineering.

Best fittings are knocking something up for me, a Delrin spacer to pop inside to bring one of their adapters forward by a further 12mm.

That should do me for now until they catch up and start manufacture ready for other owners, no doubt there will be quite a few.

Are the available Air Strippers built to slide on and clear the cylinder? ..... Would like to try one when I target shoot. I know I'll have to re-sight swapping moderator / Stripper, unless there is an effective moderator which incorperates stripper?? (UK Neil has now retired)

I'll be shooting from a hide when not target shooting so I'll definitely need a moderator.

The new stock is nice! .... ..... They have got rid of the plastic trigger guard, it's all wood now.
And I do like the trigger, it's a beauty.

Finding JSB Premium 4.52 producing single holes at 33y .... Not pushed it out to 50+ yet to see how well the hold out at distance, I'll be doing that this afternoon.

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