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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I used to do it regularly. One of my permissions had a public footpath running entirely through the centre of it. It wasn't unusual for me to meet people walking along it. By placing signs at each end of it walkers knew there was the possibility of seeing me with an unbagged rifle on it or crossing it.

There's all sorts of shooting that's done in public places that by design the public are largely unaware of.

The black helicopters are never far away down here anyway, but usually they're far more preoccupied with sinking their back ends into Poole harbour and picking up soggy frogmen in their dingies.
I shot with the Forestry Commission some years back and they had to stop putting signs up warning of shooting taking place. Why? Because walkers complained that they were being refused their right to walk through FC woods.

Not long after that I was in a wood miles from civilisation, very early in the morning, was taking aim at a deer and lo and behold two dog walkers walked into the scope picture. Suppose they would have complained that there were no warning signs if I had pulled the trigger.
You can't win with the public so no point trying to appease them.
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