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There are some practical issues to consider when using rifle cases to carry around rifles.

From a personal point of view I find the use of a case handy as I can carry around all manner of unnecessary junk in the case pockets as well as a few useful items like waterproofs and a drink and a snack and another snack.

But I have found depending on how the course is set out it isn't always easy to get the rifle in and out of the case because of where the case has to be left out of everyone else's way. I am very conscious that I sometimes point my rifle in some odd places while manoeuvring around other shooters, rifles, trees bushes etc.

Where space around the individual lanes on a course is not limited then there should be no problem but how often do we find ourselves shooting in tight spaces? Three shooters to a lane all with large rifle cases doesn't help anyone. We could be in a ridiculous situation where it is further to get to your rifle case from the firing point than it is to the next lane.

As has been pointed out in an earlier post, it also takes extra time when using a rifle case, it may not be a lot but it does add up.

I'm not sure any arguments relating to public perception stand up as the general public if they believe guns to be evil will always think so no matter how you try to appease them.

I have a slight issue with the MFTA GP not using this rule, after all surely this rule should apply to the MFTA showcase event of the year from a perception point of view? And the inconsistency sends out the wrong message, 1 rule for some another for the rest? It doesn't look good.

What happens at a MFTA summer league should someone not use a case? What are the penalties? I assume that is written in the rule..?

Just my thoughts

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