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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Playing devi's advocate, no it does not. There is nothing in the Firearms Act or ammendements that says an air rifle has to be bagged in public.

All it says is that if you have it in a public place you need good reason.
Try carrying any firearm in a public place without putting it in a slip. Won't be long before you hear the sound of helicopters and see those men in black.
Carrying a gun in a designated shooting area is not really a public place, so they are not required.
I would like to ask how many people have actually been shot by an accidental discharge of an air rifle during an FT or HFT shoot? On the course I can't see how it is possible to have a loaded rifle between lanes as they are single shot and surely no one loads them as they get up from their lane.
A much simpler idea is to copy what the big bore guys do and that's to stick a yellow plastic flag down the breech after completing each lane.
I have shot round with people who carry the rifle in a bag and it adds time to each lane as they take the rifle out then put it back. Some to an annoying degree.
Lets have less rules and more common sense.
I question how democratic these decisions are. I think most people seem to be against it yet we have the rule????
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