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Originally Posted by Air Armed View Post
Unlikely as it will be a BFTA Event

Not always the case, from memory when the Gp is at East Devon as this year, I think shooters parking in the field (most of us) are required by the club / landowener (?) to keep guns covered / bagged between the field and crossing the road to the course as we walk across a narrow B road.

I believe in WFTF Germany they required all guns to be covered, part of entry etc.
Matt will be along in 5 mins trying to sell us cheap gun slips lol
Agreed Si, however, as I stated, we will be in discussion with the MFTA prior to the event. Currently all GP's are run to BFTA rules which, at this time, do not include that guns must be carried within cases/slips. If this was a requirement of the landlord of the shooting club we would quite rightly adhere to it and inform all shooters accordingly. So too would we if it was a written law obviously.

If I recall, ETL have a 'no camo clothing' policy for an example which was adhered to for the GP last year.

Discussions with the MFTA WILL take place in plenty of time before the GP and I will inform everyone in due course. Personally, my only real fear would be that it could possibly put off some shooters from taking part, but if it's a safety issue that needs constant enforcement within the MFTA as it would appear, there is a possibility that it could be adopted for the GP.

However, don't presume that it IS a requirement right now!

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