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Default Nockover FT target modifications

One thing (apart from the massive amount of effort put in) from yesterday's GP that I think helped keep the amount of stoppages low was the target preparation. Taking a short cut and being able to borrow Newbury's target set meant that we had targets that have had simple modifications made to keep the issues to a minimum, if not eliminate them. It's not that Meon's weren't any good, it's just that i've worked with NARC's before and know they're a sure bet for solid performance.

Apart from them being well oiled I noticed that the chain had been replaced with a bar link, when hangs below the hinge face. This means the chain & string cannot get caught on the faceplate. Any other mods that people can post about that helps reliability?

Ratchet straps and shaped plates for the targets to sit on, with simple bolts meant fast positioning and removal, and allows easy tweaking to get targets level, upright, and facing the shooter.

I also noticed that that when winding a string back up around the brick tie, it's better if there isn't loops around it's waist, and that the string goes end to end... as it makes it much faster as you walk the string out. The standard orange string seems to work well also, as it seems to slide well if it does rub against anything.

It's not the first time i've noticed these points, but though it's worth documenting the changes. If we make courses run easier, easier to build and strip, then it makes the work load lighter.
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