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[QUOTE=maddog;232323]Any one had anything to do with Ben Taylor regs?

I have just bought one s/h for my s400 carbine project but I can't find any info on the net. I am currently spending (wasting) a lot of hours with trial and error stuff and it gets very frustarating. I have been informed by someone from the BTAS website that there is no info out there because other work needs to be carried out to the action itself to make it work. I have been making minor alterations as reccommended on the Robert Lane website which seems to be slowly heading in the right direction.

The 400 has a vent hole drilled in the air cylinder so I am a bit limited on my options but I noticed yesterday that the HUMA reg is reasonably priced and they have a good reputation so I might consider one those. I think they need a vent hole as well but will do more research on that.

I stripped down the BT reg and was surprised to find a metal to metal (stainless to brass) valve sealing arrangement, I am wondering if there is a nylon seat missing perhaps. The EV2 has a brass valve to nylon seat and works well.

Speaking of EV2's, I noticed you are looking for a reg for yours. I have a spare that I recently bought for mine as a back up, if you get really really stuck pm me and maybe we could come to an arrangement.

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