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Default Re the Steyr team.

Originally Posted by Neilw View Post
I would say the market isn't really big enough to warrant it.
It's not a spectator sport so no real advertising gain.
Also some companies don't like un official advertising and may in extremes prosecute.
Hi Dave , it was interesting that you should dredge up the Steyr team from way back because it ended up on my plate. I dont think you can have an unoffficial manufacturers team for the reason stated in para 2 above . However I am not sure I quite agree with the first para though , but it seems to take a hell of a lot of time and energy to try and sort it out . I ran out of both of them. I managed to get 6 sets of " Dickies " trousers and jackets for the team FOC with the help of a friend who was a shooter at that time . That was the easy bit , then it started to get to complicated with regard to the above. So I had to drop it
Regards G.
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