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Hi There

Welcome to the forum.

From what I see there are mostly single shot or multi shot guns with a single shot adapter used for HFT. Guns like your MK4is are used frequently, and I believe a few people have had a go with Pulsars, but they are a fair bit more expensive than a lot of other great guns which are more suited to HFT. Guns like the AA 400/410 make appearances at the cheaper end and then in the Pulsar price bracket you have the FTP900 and Steyr HFT as well as the Walther Dominator which all feature regularly. I suppose the best gun is the one you can hit stuff with, and people pull out some amazing results with kit a fraction of the price of other peoples? (But new, expensive and shiny kit looks good!)

PS - your profile still says you live in Fife!

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