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Originally Posted by A458 View Post
Can the organisers of the competitions prove through a calibration certificate, that their chrono has been certified within say the last month, as denying competitors the opportunity to compete and complete the course is an arbitrary subjective decision based upon an uncalibrated piece of equipment, and is surely contrary to all legal decisions: I realise that there are cost implications in achieving this but, if people who are competing are denied to complete the course based upon uncalibrated equipment, then where do the organisers stand if challenged?

This is a thought, that has been banded about at some competitions, so any further comments would be helpful.

Over to you.

My take on it is the same as if the pub landlord asks you to leave half way through your first drink, or the stewards eject you from the football ground I would see it as a simple matter of tresspass. You have been invited to attend a competition all be it at a small cost (entry fee) to yourself. Part of your condition of entry is that your equipment passes a certain test stipulated by the organisers. The credability of this test is irrelevant galling as that may be as your failure of it now means that they can withdraw their invitation and you become a tresspasser so they can ask you to leave "their" competition.

Oh and getting back to Chronos anybody tried yellow post it notes?????

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