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Originally Posted by SteveC200 View Post
How sensitive is the chrono to shooting across the sensors at an angle?
The simple answer to this Steve is VERY!! I'm lucky enough to live about a 30 minute drive from the Shooting Chrony factory, so I've talked to them about this.

All chronographs (at least the ones I know of) measure speed by recording the time lapse between the 2 signals received from the front light sensor and the rear light sensor. To determine speed, the calculations use a distance between the 2 light sensors which is parallel to the sensors.

If the barrel isn't properly aligned with the chronograph, the speed reading will be slow. If the muzzle is too close to the front sensor and the muzzle blast triggers the sensor, and the pellet triggers the 2nd sensor, the reading will be slow.

The Shooting Chrony model I use has some trade offs in it's design: It folds in half for portability, but this introduces some 'wiggle room' between the distance of the 1st and 2nd sensor, so it's not as consistent as designs with a fixed distance between the 2 sensors.

Give it a try - shoot through a chrony when the barrel is aligned, then again with the barrel tilted upwards - the difference between these 2 measurements can be quite large!
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