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Originally Posted by DEAN C. View Post
Nice report Martin and I am sure as you said, that Paul would have been chuffed.

I have shot all of these recoiling events and they just get better, and although I never shoot springers normally I look forward to this event more and more. Just the fact that it puts most of us in an uncomfortable situation with the purest form of air rifle shooting and at the highest level, and have a barrel of laughs at the same time whilst raising money for a worthy cause. Brilliant.

From a lie downers perspective (that's what Mangers calls us HFT'ers) I could see straight away that the course was put down with a lot of consideration for both styles of shooting. That's not and easy task but it made a very positive impression on me. Thank you and all the Anston crew for the effort and hours and hours put in.

If you were to design up a perfect shooting event, this would be it.

That's very kind Dean, the course design was down to Andy and Coop, they know what they are doing, just look how many people those last standers took out, looking at the cards it cost at least two people the title! You're right about it including HFT shooters, Coop did loads of work on that and Si strimmed out when he'd finished telling everyone how hard it was to string those pond shots 😀. Thanks tho, I'm sure everyone in the Anston Massive will be chuffed, I know I am, thank you.
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