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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
The rifle is not such a big part of your score as some would believe. I shot 3x 100% in the UKAHFT series last year for 3rd place with a very old BSA Hornet. Yes I now have a Black air, I fancied a change, the main benefit is a beautiful trigger which is nice to have and the stabiliser which doesn't make it more accurate but allows me to follow the pellet to the target more often than I could with the Hornet.

The biggest hurdle I had to get over in HFT was one I created for myself, I wanted high scores so badly I would beat myself up when I dropped a point, which then lead to me missing more, known as the wheels falling off because it was still on my mind ruining my concentration. The best bit of advice I could give to someone starting out is don't get into that bad habbit in the first place, it took a lot to train myself out of it after years of beating myself up!! Misses are your friend, you learn more from them than the hits so accept that they will happen, think right that's one of them, lets see how far we can go before another, and don't let them ruin your day!!
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