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i'm firmly in the shoot with the "elite" camp. I've only been "HFT'ing" since December and the idea you can be competing with "World Champs" has a certain amount of kudos for me. Yes, i'm aware of my limitations and know I won't be up there (yet), but i'm learning all the time and seeing how others prepare on the course inspires me to better myself. Currently my only competition is with myself (I want to shoot a 50 - best was a 48 last Saturday at Springfield - first visit and loved the set-up). My other goal is to complete a round without the dreaded "donut" - yes I got one 6 targets from home on Saturday!!!

So far all the people i've met at the comps (can only speak for LVAGC & Springfield) have been a good bunch and range from the very serious to the f'ing & blinding of what a cr@p gun/scope etc they have on the day (note to self : it's never, ever YOUR fault!). i'm in the latter camp but hope to progress to the former - with a smattering of f'ing & blinding thrown in for good measure.
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