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HFT as I understand was created to get away from the elitist sport that FT turned into.

UKHFT has pretty much followed the FT route, setup was meant to remain basic, but to 'help' we allowed butt hooks, butt extensions to enable resting the butt on the ground, hamsters etc etc. etc. Etc. Can't but think it's just as elitist in its own right. Anyone else remember the quotes of "turn up with a basic setup and compete on the same level as everyone else"? Not very bright decisions IMHO.

I thought Masters was going move us back to the original sport HFT was intended to be. Perhaps have something for the novices and intermediates who will never be up on the pedestal we so often see the regular elite few guys. But here we are again same old story.

Shame there's still nothing for the novices to compete in, no grades so their up against the elitist shooters from day 1. Not many sports out there where you are expected to complete on the same level as a world champion in your first comp. That for me is exactly where we are lacking in HFT, novices are there to boast the numbers with no chance of competing on the same level apart from the raffle.
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