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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
Up till the end of the UK season last year I had shot nothing but BSA rifles for 8 years, I have been cutting the springs as has been suggested, both the one at the front of the sear bar and the one behind the trigger. It does improve the trigger a lot! 2 coils off each will be about right.
It is also worth polishing the vertical face on the sears so they slide on each other better, polishing the ramp only makes the cocking smoother.
Thanks Tench - you're turning into my personal YODA!!

I'll have another look tonight - can you tell me what I can safely use to polish the sears ( the 'ramp' is like a mirror but the sear faces aren't! ), also how do I cut the springs - I can't find anything to use to do the cutting - I'm not well kitted out and cant get my pliers into the spring without straining the coils??


PS still not decided whether to drill holes in my shroud ( worried it will make it noisy? )

I have many questions!!
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