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The new Mk3 (due out on the 15th April) has the option of a remote display for the readout, so you could just make a 3mm steel plate to fix in front of the chrono with a 40mm kill in it, set it at 10 yards but have the readout next to you.

All you'd need to do then would be to figure out a maximum fps figure corrected for 10 yards and jobs a goodun.

The correction should be pretty similar for all of the pellet brands we use in competition, the BC figure isn't significantly different for all of the pellet brands.

P.S. I suggested this solution at the AGM, but the objection was that the rules say sub 12fpe, but if we're testing at 10 yards we're not testing for 12fpe. An averaged correction figure at 10 yards is going to be slightly less accurate yes, but would it be less accurate than a chrono that doesn't work?

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