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A poll only covers those that bothered to vote and you could say those that wanted them were more likely to vote...
The team organising a shoot have decided on the rules for their competition and that's their prerogative. The problem with a democracy is that no one is ever happy - in a dictatorship there is always someone that is happy. The only way to get what you want is to be the dictator.... In other words - run a series, set your own rules and get a thick skin. Everyone has an opinion.

Originally Posted by Rift View Post
INCLUSIVELY OPEN TO ALL.........unless your a windicator !

I am surprised that the HFT Masters organisers don't want them.
I understood a poll of HFT shooters democratically voted to allow them to level the playing field against people who used other methods.
The choice is then with the shooter, use - don't use, smoke, Vape etc.

To now state that at an HFT Masters comp they are outlawed to me goes against the results of what the participants want.


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a bit of a theme emerging here......

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