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Default Knock down targets automatics

Hi All!
I've just finished my project and Id like to share it with You ..
As I've seen, people was trying to make automatic targets, but mostly it was very expensive, and target was integral part of machinery .
My idea was to make it cheap, simple, and suitable to use with almost any target You may have..
What was needed:
A bit of scrap metal, cost around 5
Rear Wiper Motor ( here porshe 996 )cost 7.22
2 LED lights 3.32 for 5
2 On/Off switches 3.95 for 5
1 Momentary Push Button Switch 3.99 for 5 pieces
1 DC 12V Delay Relay Shield 0.99 per piece
1 12v battery for 14.98 ( can get 1.2AH for 7.98 and will be fine as well )
In total 15,45 without battery and labour..

I don't know if I have to try explain how it was build, especially with my poor English, when "one picture is worth more than thousand words".. , so here is link to some more pictures..

And that how its work: Movie 1 Movie 2

Unfortunately during tests I managed to burn delayer ( I put it on metal table when it was plugged in) so on films it works without it, and at this moment I'm waiting for replacement from "outside UK" ..
If Someone want to copy idea - feel free, and if You have questions just ask and I will answer as good as I can
Spring powered target knocker..
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