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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
It will either survive or get shoot.
I built a stand for a club chrono and it worked well , until they put the same make of chrono on the stand . It got shot with the first shot through it , no one told me the spare chrono did not have rubber feet on it

My thoughts on the clear tube was to not block out any light, if that's not an issue then yes a steel tube would be better. Maybe Ali to keep the weight down.
Ali would work, plus easier to dremel out the slots for the sensors. I'd also suggest some kind of metal cone aka like a speaking tube so that there's a bit of leeway for the clumsy...

Alternatively get hold of some 20mm perspex, cut just oversize to cover the entire front of the chrono, stick a slightly smaller square in it to match the sensor aperture, drill some holes to allow the buttons to be pushed and epoxy to the front of the chrono.

They'll have trouble shooting through that in a hurry...
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