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Default [Your’s 2cent :D] to Straighten Ballistic Curve

Hi there,

Need some suggestions from you guy’s for helping me reduce the error of clicking between the 40 and 55 yds

My data:

Fps constant: 720
Pellet: Hn Baracuda match (10.65gr)
Scope: ¼ moa (sightron 10-50x60)

I think my clicking curve its well done and it´s something like this:

Peak of curve (zero): from 20 to 22 yds

9 yd to the peak: 23 cliks down
Peak to 39 yd: 16 cliks down

40yd to 55yd: 28 cliks down
Peak to 55 yd: 47 cliks down

I gess it’s a big gap between the hard distance’s ( 40 to 55 yd).

What would you do in this case? The only solution it to elevate a little more the scope so the angle of droop it’s also reduced?

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