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Thank you for your comments, this was meant as a discussion, and the fact that shooters do comment on the use and accuracy of the chronographs used at the competitions.

Obviously the attainment to abide by the rules of the organisation is taken as read, my query was how often were the chronographs checked, as there is a discrepancy between them and whilst everyone taking part should be well below the legal limit, the conditions and measuring technique can at times alter the result even though the rifle was checked by the competitor prior to the start.

Perhaps all taking part are can get together and use any chrono to confirm that they are below, before the shoot starts, this will enable them to reduce the power if necessary or have the confidence that their rifle is within the limit. Just a thought.

I am sure that all organisers are trying to help the shooters, however as can happen if the rig is not available this can give discrepancies which people chat about and give rise to queries which nobody wants.

This is thoughts, that all.
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