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Why we have a chrono?

To show intent that the BFTA takes seriously the law regarding 12 ftlb limit.

There has been a mountain of discussion about the accuracy of readout of chronos used at BFTA events.

What the BFTA desire is a chrono that reads legal or illegal - such a chrono does not exist (to my knowledge).

It is not the desire of the BFTA to deny entry to shoots but shooters attend knowing that their rifle will be chronographed.

In 6 years of administrating competitions I do not recall a rifle that failed the chrono leading to disqualification where the rifle was not faulty.

As to litigation? It concerns me that the BFTA would be considered an entity beyond the collection of shooters that support its events.
Those that represent BFTA do so for the good of the sport and are all shooters.

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