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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post

After one outing the new chronograph performed very well. On Sunday its batteries failed and if this did lead to erratic reading then it is something learned. I will advise all regions to start the GP with new batteries.
As to the accuracy of the chrono?
Did anyone fail on Saturday or Sunday? There was no one reported as doing so.
As some have said "they do not trust the chrono" - perhaps that's good advice.
It's unfortunate that criticism is easy but decision making is not. The decision to try this chrono was built upon advice and testing from a respected source. However, I and he would know that as soon as purchase is made they'll be a queue of people to say why another model would be better.
I don't believe any of this thread can be considered to be outright criticism, although constructive criticism in my experience is a good thing. My original post was asking if anyone had an odd reading and the answer was yes from some. This has led to a decision to change batteries before each shoot, so a good lesson learnt. Another point raised was that the position of the muzzle can cause fluctuations and Simon has offered to put together a jig to overcome that problem.

All being well, that will sort the low readings that I and a few others experienced. Surely that is what this forum is for, to discuss issues and find solutions.

Keep up the good work Shaun
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