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Default interesting

The OP poses a good question and not one I had thought through...until now.

There are natural shooters and there are technical shooters, I seem to be the later - when you get a shooter that exhausts all the technical advantages and is a natural shot you have a winner

Anyway, taking a real scenario of a 40mm kill at 42 yards that would measure 1 MIL across, if it had 20mm of plate around the hole that would be 1/2 MIL in width either side.

So the wind is coming from left to right at 90 degrees but variable strength, lets consider four scenarios - it doesn't move at all or 0 MIL, it moves a 1/2 MIL, 1 MIL and 1 1/2 MIL, what's the outcome if aiming edge of kill or centre (assuming you have the range correct ):

Aim Centre

0 MIL = 2
1/2 MIL = 2
1 MIL = 1
1 1/2 MIL = 0

total of all probabilities = 5

Aim Edge of Kill

0 MIL = 2
1/2 MIL = 2
1 MIL = 2
1 1/2 MIL = 1

total of all probabilities = 7

If the above waffle is correct its pretty compelling

I suppose it comes down to experiences, if you have always shot a certain way and you instinctively know how much to give it doesn't really matter as long as you have a system.

However I do keep thinking if I shoot dead centre in any sort of wind (i.e. always ) I am only really shooting at half the kill, its not going to move upwind - is it
...the statements, opinions and comments in the post above are from someone who has never won anything and probably never will, just an enthusiastic air gunner, for those here who only place value in the opinions of winners - move along to the next post ... LL MRE
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