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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
I was thinking that too Mike, as people as still saying they gave it this or that but not answering your question and saying where they measure from.

To elaborate on my own method, on the plinking range before a comp you may get the opportunity to feel the wind by shooting on a plate or paper. If my pellets never move more than 1 dot at 45 then it makes sense to me to measure from the opposite side with 1 dot as I can be pretty sure that in similar circumstances to the plinking range it wont take more than that.
I generally try and measure windage allowance from the centre of the kill, but Tench has got me thinking.

Must be better to line up on a fixed point all things being equal that an imagined centre - thats why a BR target has a pip in the middle I assume - other than sorting the men form the boys with the 10X scores etc.

So measuring windage from leward edge of kill makes a lot of sense in a flighty wind but from a known direction.

Think I will be giving it a go!
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