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I'll swap between giving X amounts of mill dots or X amount of kill zone, the kill zone amount is usual based on the kill size I'm shooting at.

If I'm using kill it's measured from edge of the kill.

If it's mill dots I would put the furthest I expect it to move off centre in the direction the wind is blowing, how far off centre depends, if i suspect it may not move that much I'll be further of centre, if i expect more I'll place the aim point closer to centre.

Like tench says if from the zero range/coarse experience i would expect .5 to 1.0 mill dots i would then place my 1.0 mark off centre, possible both marks equal from centre point....... but out on the course depending on angle of wind and feeling on wether the wind has become stronger or weaker that of course may alter abit to edge my bets abit more one way or the other.


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