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Default First focal plane

Originally Posted by davido2005 View Post
hi all,
i have shot hft for a while now, and a few ft comps, which i am starting to like very much. I have recently got a new gun with an airmax 8-32x scope, which i plan to use for both hft and ft. I plan to start off in ft by holding over rather than dialling in, so my question is would it be best to stick to one magnification for shooting (which would be 12x as that is what i am used to), or is it a good idea to learn two sets of aim points for the longer targets (i.e on 12x and 24x for example)? Are there any major disadvantages to holding over using two different magnifications?

Failing that, should i just skip straight to dialling?

Many thanks for any advice you can give!

(p.s ill be the one with an hft500 looking thoroughly out of his depth at the meon gp if anyone wants to say hi!)

use the above type of scope and you can change the magnification of your scope without changing any of you aim points
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