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I struggled to set up one of my two 38mm SW30 HFT scopes and sent it back to Deben but they could find no real problem, just a matter of setting up correctly. They were waiting for new stocks before sending me a replacement but I was then tempted by the Tactical mil dot model as the 'hollow bars' looked ideal for bracketing, and shooting .22 the SR6 reticle lines don't match aim points as they do with .177.

So I asked Deben to send me a fixed 10x42 Tac model on the assumption it would have better optics than the 4.5-14x42 Tac. Deben responded:

"Hi David,
The optics are very similar, or at least to a knat's whisker!
Some people swear that fixed 10 is the way to go because there are less lenses, therefore the light transmission is better, i.e. brighter target image.
Also they are a touch lighter in weight. 10x42's have a cult following, due to them traditionally being the snipers scope of choice.
Honestly speaking, there is very little difference in performance - I'd be surprised if you (or any one) noticed the difference.
To be fair though as the 10x42 is fixed 10x you'd probably get better DOF, as I know you like to shoot the SR6 on 12x. However the 4.5-14x38/42, can always be magged down to below 10x to give better DOF."

So I opted for the variable Tac in case 10x didn't suit me and it arrived last Friday. Mounted it Saturday and I'm smitten!! I'd still maybe go for the SR6 reticle for .177 but the 1 mil dot (at 10x) and 0.2 mil dot spacing within the hollow bar at the end of each cross hair seems much better for bracketing than the staggered A-D brackets of the SR reticle.

The 1/2 mil dot 'ties' between mil dots are shaped like bow ties so you can easily distinguish them from the dots, and the lack of 'Christmas Tree' lines is actually quite refreshing as it clears up the reticle and makes it less fussy. I never used the SR's windage lines anyhow.

The SW30 models feature true 30mm internal lens systems unlike some of the popular and/or pricey alternatives which make do with 25mm lens systems inside a 30mm tube. You can sometimes spot these as they offer 'greater MOA adjustment' i.e. the 25mm internal lens system has more room to move inside a 30mm tube.

I've looked through many scopes over the years including the Falcon Menace, Leupold Mk4, MTC's, Bushnells (not yet a 6500) etc, and so far I've never been persuaded away from the standard 44mm obj. SR6. These new SW30 Tactical models from Hawke are, in my opinion, far more innovative in their reticle design and optically superb, to my eyes anyway!

I can honestly say, although I'm biased, that the SW30 Tactical is the best scope I've looked through to date. I already want another one as I'm shooting PCP and spring in different comps this year. Jamie wants one too, even thought he's 'making do' with the SW30 HFT model. Kids eh?!

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