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Originally Posted by Gcos View Post
Thats very interesting . I just wonder why the WFTF or whoever need to do any debating on the Rowan side wheel especialy after your statement in para 1.
With regard to your statement " The Rowan Eng side wheel is being debated and voted at present so until the vote has been declared it is LEGAL TO USE , but from the votes I do not see this lasting long ". If this statement is correct , Would you be kind enough explain to me why the Rowan side wheel was not legal to use in 2014 at the Worlds in New Zealand .
Many thanks , Gerard.
I can answer that for you Gerard. The rules of FT are deliberately vague - even in the BFTA rules, which seems like an odd thing for a sport, but they're written in that way to allow some leeway for experimentation and innovation. Innovation is a big part of FT.

So they work like this - if something is clearly mentioned as being against the rules (Laser Range finders for example) then they are most definitely against the rules.

If something isn't specifically mentioned in the rules, that doesn't automatically mean that it's legal to use.

So although there's no mention of electronic devices being banned, there's equally no mention that they aren't banned. That puts them into a grey area that when presented with the question - requires some debate.

The DSW was discussed prior to NZ and vote was taken by the RGB's that they shouldn't be allowed.

It wasn't a full majority vote however - only 15 countries (I believe) responded, and since we know more about the device now and some shooters have much more experience of using them than they did 2 years ago when it was last debated, it was felt that it would be best to debate the question again and press for more RGB's to return a verdict on their future use.

That is currently taking place - many more countries have voted now and there is already a majority of RGB's who have voted against their use, so I would say it's extremely likely that they will not be allowed for 2016.

The matter isn't closed however, and it can be debated again for 2017.
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