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The structure of the rules are changing this year - instead of core rules and comprehensive rules - we're just having one set of rules and hopefully doing away with local variations on rules as much possible.

It's my fault the current 2016 rules aren't on the WFTF website yet - I'm hoping to find some time this weekend, but just when it looks like I might have freed up some time, something else crops up

Generally - electronic meters are ok - so a digital thermometer / inclinometer / cant meter etc.
It's looking like 'computers' strapped to your gun aren't going to be allowed though.

The distinction between a meter and a computer is that a meter just displays a measurement in a digital format, whereas a computer is able to take measurements and make decisions based on those measurements.

I would class the Rowan DSW as a computer and not just a simple meter, because it has the ability to make decisions and calculations based on the measurements it collects.
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