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Originally Posted by Total SS View Post
Hi Guys.

please note that the 2015 rules have been updated and there is a 2016 set of rules listed on the web.
in the 2016 rules there is no mention of electronic devices except for the non use in weather reading.

rule 1.5.2

even in the Anexure there is no mention of electronic devices.

the Rowan Eng side wheel is being debated and voted on at present so until the vote has been declared it is legal to use, but from the votes I do not see this lasting long.
Exactly Errol.

This was Rob's reply to another post:

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Where did that come from? A rep, or someone else?

The reason is as what I gave, it is not on the list of accessories allowed on the rifle and that comes from the WFTF President.

There is no specification that a spirit level cannot be electronic.

We have reps for a reason.
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