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Originally Posted by Ewan View Post
Not that it means anything but a guy at our club was getting a 3" spread with his chosen pellets (no idea what they were though) so someone gave him some 7.33 Falcons & it went down to 1" & random knockdowns, gave him JSB RS 7.33's & he said things improved dramatically.

I was told Falcons are the same as the JSB counterparts but I have no idea on that one, anyone else know for sure ?

Yeah that's kind of the point of this thread really.

We make that mistake of convincing ourselves that JSB Exacts are 1 pellet brand.. we also convince ourselves that Air Arms Field are 1 brand.

Actually they're not - As we've seen on this thread, AA's are at the very least 12 different 'brands' of pellet because we've got tins with 12 different die numbers on them. I say at least because we've heard that the mix of lead changes from time to time and to counter that they use different skirt inserts to control the overall weight of the pellets.

So... it could be that out of those 12 dies - 30 or so different pellet shapes are produced.

Same goes for JSB Exact - even if you believe that AA have their own dedicated dies (I'm skeptical of that, despite what people have been told on factory tours) - JSB Exacts are made in the same factory with the same people checking the pellets no matter what label goes on the tin. They also have the same machinery and facilities available - so the same testing range, the same ability to test a batch and alter the skirt insert based on the results of any testing and if you believe that AA have concocted some secret lead recipe - it's not a secret to JSB, and there's nothing stopping them using exactly the same 'secret' lead mix in other brands of pellet.

Basically there's nothing going on that isn't equally available to the manufacturing process for both Exacts, FAP's, Daystate, AA etc etc.. so even if the dies are exclusive to each 'brand' - there is essentially no consistent difference between them all. There will be differences between batches and some batches will be a better pellet than other batches regardless of what die is used or what sticker is put on the tin.

Unfortunately, what you can't do is buy a tin of Brand X 4.52 one year, then go and buy another tin of Brand X 4.52 a year later and guarantee to have the same pellet shape or performance.

Yet, if you ask someone what pellets they're using they'll say something like "Air Arms 4.53's" as though that's any more descriptive than saying - erm.. "lead ones". It might be more descriptive to say - "8.4's, Die 31's 2016"

So that's exactly what happened to your friend with his Falcon Accuracy Plus branded tin of JSB's - all that happened was he tried a different batch of JSB's and they were better. Don't jump to the conclusion though that it's always going to be the case.. It could just as easily have been the other way round.
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