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Originally Posted by cocksure View Post
Mate, I'm not having a dig, we were all super stoked about coming to the worlds and if this had not happened many of us would not be aware that we ARE NOT shooting on the same course at the same time as the best in the country. I'm not going in to detail, if you get it you do already....see you at the Masters. ( My wife drives a 16 yr old car and in our group we all paid around £350 pounds, because it was something special, however I can shoot with some of the very best in the country whenever I like so if I pay attention maybe one day I'll get to beat one of the best, just like my wife has done before on a good day, but she didn't get the chance either. I also have won my local HFT league but as .22 against very little (but high quality opposition, eh Mikey?) and wanted to meet and speak to other TOP .22ers and see what I done on the same course at the same time. Because you only know how good you are when you shoot against the best. Mate I am super positive about shooting...please don't lay any of that have a dig business on me.
Not sure what your beef is, but we all get to shoot all of the targets, just at different times. What matters is when the scores are totted up. Your group might have better, worse or the same conditions as the champion, that could happen even if you are shooting the same course, as weather and wind changes so quickly.

You are shooting against the best and that is reflected when the scores are put up. You just may not be holding hands all the way through the 2 days.

I must say in 8 Worlds, I have never heard anyone take your viewpoint or even thought about it. Main thing is to get your head down, shoot as best as you can and enjoy some inter peg banter. It's what keeps us coming back, because if you can string a few solid pegs together over both days, then a top placing can be yours ( I don't include myself in that as I have failed consistently but it's always worth trying).
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