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Originally Posted by McMurphy View Post
They are good value yes,Ive had a couple Hawke myself and found them to be very good for the money. Iam mulling over wether or not to get a 2-7x32 Hawke at the moment.
I used one of these last year at the World's.

It gives a great DOF so the short ones are a bit easier.

The only thing that I had a problem with ... I only fitted it on the day before and I had to wind the eyepiece adjust a long way out because my eyes are knackered. I used it on a springer and I noticed on day 2 that the eyepiece was winding itself back in so the ret got more and more blurred and you can't touch scopes etc. They have no locking mech. on the eye adjuster. Suppose it's easily fixed with a butler creek or even tape.

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