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Cocksure!!!!! MATE!!!

The worlds = 360 shooters, two days, shooting to be champion end of!!! Its a fantastic weekend and one that if you have entered and gained a spot you should be proud and happy to shoot!! Plus you will be listed this year in the top 360 HFT shooters in the world! Some people didnt even get in!!! Both the Petes work hard to create such a fantastic event, one which people build up to through the year. People put a lot of effort in shooting and top shooters earn there place on the circuit and earn there place to shoot together at the worlds. We all pay out to go to all events and shoots through the year as well as the worlds and we all enjoy shooting, thats even if we are first or last!!! Learn from top shooters in a season! Not just at one event, especially the worlds!!!

One day was all we had yes but one enjoyable day. Tench you are a legend true champ, hard work and effort went in,was well worth it!!
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