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Originally Posted by tugg View Post
just like to clear something up here chilly , you don't need 3000 rigs to do well in this game
but you might
That's right Colin, my best score here came with a 10 year old 200 rifle!

Well said Gary! This was my 7th Worlds, finished nearer the bottom than the top in a few of them but enjoyed them all! The chance to pit yourself against the whole spectrum of shooters cannot be done anywhere else, a fantastic event!
What has always amazed me is how these events run with virtually no visible organisation, everyone knows where to be, shooters and marshals, which shows the amount of preparation and work that goes into running them, they run like clockwork! We all take this for granted but this mammoth shoot happens that way because of the considerable efforts of the team behind the event for which we should all be very grateful!
See you next year, probably in Blue group as I will be trying my hand at .22!
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