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Originally Posted by MickyFinn View Post
Group size isn't everything though Brian as you well know. Wind cheating & bc (amount they drop) is also very important! You need to install a big wind machine to test these things when funds allow?
After the weekend you've just had, I'd have thought you've seen enough wind to last the rest of the year and then some

You're right though, the next step would be how well they group in the wind, the trouble with that is it's really really difficult to be objective when wind testing. In theory the pellet with the best BC should be best in the wind, but I've found discrepancies with that in the past.

Remembering back to when I did some testing with those Tin Dynamics.. they grouped extremely well in my gun at the time ( a Daystate Mk3 I think ). Almost pellet on pellet at 45 yards and the BC was better than JSB Exacts and their re-branded equivalents.

In the wind though, they went all over the shop and were terrible.

I found a similar thing with .177 Falcon Accuracy Plus pellets - great in zero wind, good BC (not quite as good as an Exact but not far off). In the wind though they were going all over the shop.
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