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Originally Posted by Sake-San View Post
So you don't think that performing batches are specific to individual barrels?, interesting...
Well... it's something I'm exploring at the moment actually.

I'm lucky in that I'm in a position to test this stuff out. Now I own an indoor range that sells pellets and pellet sample packs.. first of all, I get to test dozens of different batches, second of all, I get to see which batches sell well and I get an insight into a much bigger sample size of shooters and barrels than most people do.

The trend i'm seeing at the moment is that a mega batch seems to be mega in approximately 8 out of 10 barrels and the barrels it doesn't still seem to put in a good performance.

The other trend I'm seeing in the range is that the current crop of JSB Exacts manufactured in 2016 all seem to be pretty good - and I'm seeing a lot of people switching over from AA, Daystate, H&N, Crossman etc.. over to one of the current batches of JSB Exacts because the difference in group size is too noticeable to ignore.
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