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The Worlds is a very interesting environment, we have everything from prima donna Open shooters with kit that costs thousands, to springer shooters, .22, Kids and ladies.

We also have people who want to take the whole thing super seriously and those who want to come and have a great experience and have some fun.

What Sparky manages to do is put like minded people together, there is no point in putting a .22 springer shooter in a group with 2 shooters with 3000 HFT open rigs, what is the better idea, is put .22 shooters with .22 shooters and springers with springers etc.

There is no elitism there is just one man, who is trying to make everyone happy and get them to have a good time. You mention the masters, they have one session with 50 or 60 people, the worlds has 360. It's a completely different animal and keeping everyone happy is a herculean task and one that the WHFTA does very well.

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