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WOW what can i say?
I probably didn't deserve to be at the worlds, never won a competition and was only there so that my junior daughter could shoot in her first Worlds. (has to have responsible guardian). I did study the groups and anyone with any basic knowledge could see the winner would probably come from the Red group. It is only right that there is some grading of shooters. We can't all shoot the peg immediately after Tench or Theresa etc. It would be pretty crowded. The weather is never going to be the same morning/afternoon or day to day. Grouping a lot of good shooters together is the only way to do it.
IF competitors got lucky and it was totally still on the sessions that the red group wasn't shooting then good luck and go for it-it's the best chance you'll get. It certainly wouldn't have been fair on the top shooter to be put in a group with me...1: i'm no good, 2: i'm there for the experience and 3: i'm no good.
Having said that i loved the Bravo course it has really got me thinking about how i could get better and do more HFT. The chap we shot with was superb fun, very understanding and helpful. I offered to go first 2 out of every 3 pegs so he would have the same opportunity to shoot first on only 10 pegs but he declined and we took it in turns. The killer for me was when my rifle was chrono tested and it was only putting out wonder it took a spot of wind. i was pleased with my 45 and 2 donuts.
I can't thank the organisers enough, a super organised competition. The right calls were made on the day.
I will try to go again, but next time i hope to deserve a place.
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a bit of a theme emerging here......
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