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Originally Posted by Ewan View Post
What a fantastic CHEAP way of getting your pellets for FREE LMAO

Seriously though Brian I don't realistically expect all the pellets in a 500 tin to be exact (even though it sais EXACT on the tin ), I have to be realistic after all, if I want the best from a tin I, like most, will weigh them.

There can be quite a difference for example if you chrono with random out of the tin pellets as opposed to finding say 20 of the same weight, I know as I have tested this.

It's a well known fact lead pellets made from church roofs are lighter & lead from old boots go into making the heavy one's .......... don't ask just don't ask.

Brian btw I see you were in a recent Airgun mag, nice one, can you tell me what the name of the Black / Brown laminate your stock is made from ?

I only ask as I am having Warren make me one, saw yours in the mag & remembered I had seen it somewhere else..............on Warrens Website

At the moment I am going with Black / Grey but yours looked pretty tasty as well.........just sayin.
If you buy the Exact Premiums they come pre-weighed and the consistency is very good (in terms of weight). The head size is still all over the place though even on those. Do they shoot any better than a mega batch shot straight from the tin? - no they don't.

Do I think weight is important? - no
Do I think head size is important? - no
Do I think chrono results measured at the muzzle are a good indication of whether a pellet will be good or not - Nope. (downrange possibly, but at the muzzle it's just telling you how consistent the delivery of air is, not much about the pellet)

Are most FT competitions won by shooters who shoot straight from the tin (from a good batch) - yes.

Draw your own conclusions

I ordered "Royal Camo" laminate for my stock - but the colour that turned up doesn't look anything like Royal Cammo so I have no idea what official colour it is I'm afraid. I think you take pot luck with what they have in stock and Warren's probably getting his laminate from a different supplier now anyway.. They all look good though.
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