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I have just trimmed the other post from the forum, but to answer the question by Peter M.

Our 2 Tier system is a way of encouraging shooters who do not regularly score high enough to normally compete for a trophy.
Basically, when you book in you will be asked if you wish to enter as Tier 1 or 2, If you regularly score less than 50 in HFT comps (Not you, Mr Bentley) or are new to the sport you can shoot in Tier 2. We offer a complete range of trophies in all classes that are the same for both tiers.
We have seen some trophies collected by Tier 2 shooters who have been the happiest winners on the day.
Once you get used to the winning feeling you may feel ready to venture into Tier 1, but that is up to you.

Come to the comps and see how you get on, you are assured a warm welcome.
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