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Originally Posted by Ewan View Post
Just measured some AA Fields 4.51 top number on bottom of tin reads 11 12.2.2015 bottom numbers 4.51 S0 41 (not a clue ) the heads of some are indeed 4.53 & 4.52, quite a mixed batch.

Best way to buy pellets then ? buy one or two tins, test em, if they are great order a big batch the same or just order a big batch first & hope, seems people do it both ways.
I've got one of those PelletGage thingy's now and it's excellent for measuring head size precisely (it's a slow process but it's repeatable and accurate) and yeah I'm finding the same thing - the head size on the tin is pretty meaningless. Stupidly though I still cling to the hope that a tin of 4.51's are going to have a smaller average head size than a tin of 4.53's even though I've measured quite a few tins and know it's just pot luck. I guess that's just human nature

When you stop and think about it.. do you really think that the manufacturing process at JSB is so awesome that they can produce pellets at less than a penny a pop down to 100 micron accuracy? Doesn't seem likely does it - yet we still cling to the hope that it is

The best way to buy pellets is to buy some batches (if you know somewhere that sells sample packs of each die - all the better) - test them out and then buy as many as you can afford.

The current crop of 2016 JSB Exacts are all really good - some of them are stunningly mega. Die 47 (4.52) is a really good one if you can find any. I've just found another awesome batch tonight that my TX loves, but I'm not going to tell anyone the die number until I've bought them all
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