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Originally Posted by cocksure View Post
D'ya know what, I think I'll stick to Masters in future, leave the Worlds to the top least in the masters they tell you that you're in the 'newbies' group and attempt to value you as such. Let me tell you, I was so chuffed to be shooting against the best in UK, but it turns out I didn't get the my group wasn't red. we all said this as a nod-wink type gag....oh well. maybe if you had to qualify for the event beginners like my self would not commit such errors. I am sorry.
Not sure how the Worlds didn't value you ??? seems to me you were just looking for an opportunity to have a dig.

In both the UKAHFT & WHFTA events we try to group the same type of people together so the top shots shoot in the same group/session, the juniors, Recoiling & .22" tend to shoot in the same lot as well......that way each class is competing on as level field as possible.
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