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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
If you're willing to post me out say 20 or so pellets well wrapped in an envelope - I'll measure the head sizes for you and tell you exactly what they are. You might be surprised at the result.

What I've found so far is that the head size on the bottom of the tin is pretty meaningless. If you were to buy another tin marked 4.53, you take pot luck on what head size you actually get.

Believe it or not (most don't believe this, so I can understand if you don't) it's quite common to find a tin marked as 4.51 with bigger average head sizes than a tin marked 4.53. It's not like I've measured thousands of tins though, so it might be that my sample size isn't big enough to draw a conclusion.

If you send me some pellets I'll measure them for you and put the results up of the head size distribution you're getting on that batch.
Just measured some AA Fields 4.51 top number on bottom of tin reads 11 12.2.2015 bottom numbers 4.51 S0 41 (not a clue ) the heads of some are indeed 4.53 & 4.52, quite a mixed batch.

Best way to buy pellets then ? buy one or two tins, test em, if they are great order a big batch the same or just order a big batch first & hope, seems people do it both ways.
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