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Originally Posted by cocksure View Post
So Andy Dixon won the Worlds shooting Bravo? Well how about a hand for that man? That course was a feckin nightmare and due to the unfortunate circumstances he was unable to shoot Alpha...being on such form who knows what he or others may have achieved on Alpha. I fully understand a decision had to be made, but when any title is fudged in any way it just opens the door for criticism of the winner, I actually feel quite bad for Simon as the inevitable questioning of rights and wrongs detracts from a great comp, and a great win.... ( Mate who knows, he may well have trashed Bravo with a similar 57, but we'll never know. a real shame. I'm afraid he's just going to have to wait a while.......THEN GO AND WIN THE FECKER ALL OVER AGAIN NEXT YEAR EH? ) And just to clear up this point, any score above 51 was shot round Alpha, so the nay sayers would actually have a point to argue, the tits.
I think you are getting confused here, the top score on one course doesn't really equate to the top score on the other course........I'm afraid you need to face the fact that all the best shots were placed in the same group (RED) to try to ensure that the World Champion would be won on merit rather than having the better conditions on a different course, it's for that reason that most of the top scores came from the afternoon session on Alpha course (RED Group).
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