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Yeap, if you take a look at the LINK in my post #29 where it shows how JSB actually make the pellets in their factory (thread dated 15 Aug 2015) ....

It states that they have 22 female staff that are constantly looking over the pellets through a magnifying glass and with tweezers remove the deformed ones! The photo's in that thread were supplied by JSB and show this inspection progress.

Interestingly I (like others have also said) have always preferred the very "deeply pierced" skirt profile and found that type of pellet to generally perform better. But following almost 2 years of searching I have just bought another large batch of JSB's in December 2015 and they have a very "shallow", almost filled in type of piercing which perform and group superbly well. Also the tin is marked 4.52 but the actual head size when measured with a Pelletgage are coming out a very consistent at 4.48 - 4.49 .... so how do you work that one out!!!
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