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So Andy Dixon won the Worlds shooting Bravo? Well how about a hand for that man? That course was a feckin nightmare and due to the unfortunate circumstances he was unable to shoot Alpha...being on such form who knows what he or others may have achieved on Alpha. I fully understand a decision had to be made, but when any title is fudged in any way it just opens the door for criticism of the winner, I actually feel quite bad for Simon as the inevitable questioning of rights and wrongs detracts from a great comp, and a great win.... ( Mate who knows, he may well have trashed Bravo with a similar 57, but we'll never know. a real shame. I'm afraid he's just going to have to wait a while.......THEN GO AND WIN THE FECKER ALL OVER AGAIN NEXT YEAR EH? ) And just to clear up this point, any score above 51 was shot round Alpha, so the nay sayers would actually have a point to argue, the tits.
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