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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Do AA offer a guarantee with their pellets? I always assumed that if I tried a batch of pellets and they weren't consistent I was just out of luck. I'll try sending them back to AA for a refund now then.

Has anyone done this already?
By consistency I mean the pellets not how they shoot out of your particular rifle....

I used to faff around washing, weighing etc, but with the AA Fields and Expresses I can take 10 pellets and weigh together and get say 85g, take another 10 and they're 84g, that's a good consistent weight.

Interestingly, they also distribute JSB Exacts as they had crates of them laying around the factory. I also asked Claire about the recent variability of the JSB's and said they must have been a glitch. She's been round the Czech factory and said their attention to detail on all their pellets was second to none.
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